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Mijo Labels Inc, a first-class supplier of pressure sensitive labels. Mijo Labels has recently acquired a new building and equipment for a one stop solution provider to a range of Flexible Packaging Solutions: sleeves, bags and many other specialty items.

‚ÄčMijo has been in the pressure sensitive label industry for 40 years, providing proficient and quality services to satisfied customers, backed by superior services.

At Mijo we know first-hand the importance of building a strong foundation with its customers.


Our label and packaging can be custom sized and printed to serve the needs of brands in a wide range of markets. We provide innovative packaging solutions for health food brands, pharmaceutical companies and for chemical manufacturing companies of household and transportation fluids, plus so many more

Seamless printing services under one roof

  • Engineered film structure from Low to High barrier, weather-resistant film
  • Plastic and Paper substrate options
  • Quality self-adhesive labels
  • Printing available from one to eight colors
  • Solvent and solvent-less multi-layer film lamination

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